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Medical Billing Opportunity doesn’t only teach you how to provide medical billing services… I will show you exactly how to find new clients and grow your business to the level you desire. This program provides you with industry knowledge and equips you with every tool you need to succeed as a medical billing business owner. As such, you’ll have the freedom to sign both sides of the check and work as much (or as little) as you want while enjoying the many benefits of ownership.

What's Included In The PROGRAM?

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One of the things that helped me in my business was understanding WHY I’m building this business. I had to create goals to achieve my why. And one of my goals is the idea of getting my own office space. 

The Billing Industry is expected to grow by 21% over the next couple of years! You are absolutely in the right business at the right time. 

You should keep in mind that in Medical Billing Business, there is no one size fit all. 
Find ways to set yourself apart from the other medical billing companies. 

Practice Management Software (PMS) is a healthcare software that leads with the day-to-day operations of the medical practice.

The reason you are building a Medical Billing Company is for you to provide Medical Billing services to your clients and not promote any Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records Software.

My story was that I got started in the Medical Billing Business for myself, by myself, with very little support back in 2008. It took me a full year to get my first client. 

Running a Medical Billing Business, there are more than a few forms needed to fill be filled up. There are a lot of information you need to complete these forms. It’s important that you’re accurate too. 

Remember, this is your business. You need to be familiar and comfortable with your own SLAs, the A/R Management, Denial Management, and Reporting. Learn all this in this module!

First things first, in this module you will learn that you need to Identify how the Practice wants you to work Patient A/R. This is because sometimes, in some cases the practice may not want your organization to call the patient.

Perhaps this is one of the most important parts of the Medical Billing Business, something that you need to understand and master.

Important takeaways from this module: 
1. To note that first and foremost, you have to give yourself enough time to create the proposal. NEVER quote without giving it some thought. 

2. If there’s a sense of pressure to provide numbers over the phone, give them a range – services can run between 7-9%

3. When delivering a proposal, always attempt to deliver it in person. Book a follow-up meeting to review questions. 

A good salesperson always understands what’s available, what resources they have prior to offering the sale, and what it is going to take to really deliver once the sale is completed.

Medical Billing Companies MUST follow HIPAA as much as covered entities since they have contact with patient data. 

Credentialing, Enrollment, and Privileging – aren’t they all the same? 
The answer is NO. 

By now, you may have already learned so many things about Medical Billing such as how to be HIPAA Compliant, the difference between ICD10 and CPT Code, you may have gained a lot of knowledge on how to market your business. The Medical Billing Business. 

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Access to several additional training modules which dive deeper into how to get more billing clients, how to build a great team, and how to sell ancillary services

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10 free leads delivered straight to your inbox as they are submitted by providers

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Reseller rights and discounted rates on our ancillary services serve as additional sources of revenue for your company

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Invitation to our Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida with industry leaders, guest speakers, and networking opportunities (when permissible)

Why My Program?

The fastest & easitest way to start your medical billing company!


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Get access to 12+ years of crucial industry knowledge and learn from an expert who has been through the trial & error process.

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This program is virtual and available to you whenever you need it, which allows you to learn & proceed at your own speed.


With 13 years of experience as a medical billing business owner, I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own profitable businesses. In the constantly changing field of healthcare, it is my mission to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with the skills and resources to master critical tactics & strategies that drive real business growth.

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