Sales Workflow Process

Guiding you through the mine field of closing deals quickly…Understanding when to present your biggest assets…

Learn how to prospect & develop a list of providers

There are multiple ways of developing your sales pipeline. From traditional marketing to cold calling to utilizing social media, we’ll cover them all. Most importantly we’ll teach you the A, B, Cs of funneling your prospects into ones that yield results! In addition, we’re going to spend time discussing the importance of record keeping and keeping in touch!

Get a proposal template

This is key to the sales process and utilizing the tools we provide will surely secure the deal! Proposals need to be professionally written, designed and well outlined. We deliver to you a template version of what has assisted others in closing hundreds of client contracts!

Learn tips for overcoming objections & closing the deal

We know sales is not for the faint at heart. We realize rejection is difficult. We also realize with every rejection there CAN be a positive and there are ways to overcome the most common rejections – we’ll illustrate and run through the most common rejections and the best ways to overcome them!

Learn how to up-sell ancillary services

Medical billing can provide a very strong, 7-figure business. Adding ancillary services to the mix can be the icing on the cake. We’ve assisted business owners through the process of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling ancillary services! When a client elects to utilize one service, they automatically become a potential client for the other ancillary services you offer.

What Else Is Included?

Discounted Rates for BillNow

Save up to $100 per month per practice.

Access to Annual Conference

Reseller Rights To Ancillary Services


Get a turn-key, custom built website & free leads to grow your business.

New Custom Website

  • Choose your design – match your brand and logo
  • Mobile-friendly – look good on all devices
  • Search Engine Optimized – get found more easily in Google
  • Analytics included – gain powerful insights about user behavior

10 Free Local Leads

Enjoy one hundred free local leads to help get your business started.

Free local leads

SALES WORKFLOW is included

The Advanced Course has everything you need to grow your billing business.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

We are here to help in these uncertain times! The rapidly evolving Coronavirus continues to impact people and businesses around the world. However, the federal government has determined that medical billing companies are essential businesses which means there has never been a better time to get started with MBO. If you are interested in starting your own medical billing company, please call (844) 463-3245.