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The Basics Course

Everything you need to start your own medical billing business – “the blueprints for a successful foundation”.



Get Started Instantly

Within minutes of signing up for The Basics Course, you’ll have access to over 30 hours of training materials. The process of setting up your business is facilitated through self-paced training. The beauty of this program is that the training is available when you need it and where you need it – wherever that may be! We want to see your success in the shortest amount of time possible but you have the freedom to study at your own pace.

Stand Out Among Your Competition

The Basics Course is designed and developed to guide you through the process of obtaining your very first medical billing service client! Our marketing, coursework, and approach will allow your business to stand out compared to your competitors. You’ll have a unique website, customized marketing materials, a state-of-the-art medical billing software, and the knowledge and power to show your prospective clients why you are the right choice for medical billing services.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Utilizing our proprietary medical billing software platform, your medical billing service will reduce overhead while increasing efficiency. Our software was built for billing companies by a medical billing company and is only used by other billing companies! In addition to having your own software, as a Independent Business Owner (“IBO”) you’ll be guided to utilize technology and processes that have proven to be successful saving you time and money!



Module 1:

Medical Billing 101

Learn about the basics of medical billing. Who can your company provide services and who should you stay away from. Key terms and acronyms and their importance in the industry. This module is set up to ensure you understand the industry as a whole! Learn more >

Module 2:

Medical Billing Software

Become familiar with the different types of software that you’ll be using, the brands that offer them, and the pros & cons of each, including pricing. Learn more >

Module 3:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/ Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Find out the basics and importance of Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records. Learn who needs the software, the brands that offer it, and the pros and cons of each. Learn more >

Module 4:

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

Find out what the typical day of a medical biller and business owners looks like. We’ll explain what the business gives you more of as well as how to determine if it’s the right industry for you. Learn more >

Module 5:

Tour of QNS Office

Watch a virtual tour our Orlando-based office to see how a medical billing business operates. We’ll show you around, introduce some people, and explain how we go to where we are today.

Module 6:

Claims Processing

Learn the ins and outs of claims processing like how long they should take, how to avoid denials, and how to maximize your reimbursements. Learn more >

Module 7:


Gain access to our proven templates of engagement letters, business associate agreements, and liability release forms. We’ll also show you the best and easiest way to fill them out for maximum efficiency and profits. Learn more >

Module 8:

HIPAA Compliance 1.0

Learn the basics of HIPAA and how to ensure that your new business is compliant with all of its requirements. We’ll also show you how to make money from the practice and the consequences of failing to be HIPAA compliant. Learn more >

Module 9:

New Client Implementation

Get a full overview on how to onboard a new client and get them running in your existing systems as quickly and easily as possible.

Module 10:

Charges & Payments

Learn how to easily charge your clients and get paid quickly and easily. Find out the systems that have been proven to work for other medical billing businesses.

Module 11:

A/R Lesson

Learn the ins and outs of the confusing collections process from beginning to end as well as vital tips and vocabulary that will help you along the way. Learn more >

Module 12:

Pricing for Medical Billing Services

Receive an overview on the going rates for medical billing services so you have a foundation on how much to propose to potential clients.

Module 13:


Understand the specific style and tactics required for marketing your medical billing business, such as networking with different local providers, cold calling best practices, and how to market your business online. Learn more >

Module 14:

Intro to Ancillary Services

Find out how our ancillary services can help your business become even more profitable and efficient while simultaneously freeing up a large portion of your time.

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Keeping ahead of COVID-19

We are here to help in these uncertain times! The rapidly evolving Coronavirus continues to impact people and businesses around the world. However, the federal government has determined that medical billing companies are essential businesses which means there has never been a better time to get started with MBO. If you are interested in starting your own medical billing company, please call (844) 463-3245.