Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we most frequently get asked by medical or physical therapy practice owners.

Why is outsourcing my medical billing to __________ better than hiring a medical biller?
Absolutely Not! Our most successful “Standard and Elite Business Package” licensees do not have a physical office space – they utilize virtual office locations that add a professional address and the convenience of having the opportunity to rent an office or even a conference room on short notice and only pay for it when it’s needed!
What makes ______ different from the many billing companies out there?
Remembering that you are building YOUR business, we strongly suggest that you work this full time. With that being said, you have to protect your current income to ensure you have the resources needed to grow your new Medical Billing Business and we understand that! Our team will build a tailor made program for you that will ensure your success while ensuring your personal cash-flow while you’re launching your new business.
Are you HIPPA Compliant?
With over 800,000 medical providers and the cost of employees, healthcare benefits, and the additional billing requirements of medical providers there’s never been a time more beneficial for medical providers to explore outsourcing!
What's the difference between the "Standard Business Package" and the "Elite Business Package"?
Our “Standard Business Package” is ideal for entrepreneurs who have been through the process of owning their own successful business previously OR have an existing strong prospective client list they can rely on once starting their own business. With the “Elite Business Package” you will receive an additional 3 days of on-site training at your location!

Our “Elite Business Package” is ideal for people that are excited about the opportunity but ultimately need a bit more guidance and prefer some on-site outside sales assistance. The “Elite Business Package” offers all the marketing material, website development, and prospective client list needed to build the business quickly – (most of our “Elite Business Package” licensees close their first multi-provider billing contract within the first 3 months)!

What's the total initial investment?
This varies on the package you’re looking for – our “Standard Business Package” starts at just $9,999 and includes training, over 2,000 pieces of marketing material, a customized (professionally designed) website, and proprietary software licenses! Our “Elite Business Package” includes everything within our “Standard Business Package” and adds an additional 3 business days of training within a city of your choice for the hands on experience of presenting your new business to local prospective clients. The cost of the “Elite Business Package” is $12,999.
Do you offer any financing options?
No – we recommend several sources including your current credit cards, 401k, and family and friends. Speak with your credit card company first, explain what you’re trying to accomplish. You might be surprised with their offerings – some banks are now offering 0% interest on “Balance Transfers” for the first 12-18 months.
What's the on-going investment required?
With our medical billing training opportunity there is no ongoing capital required to be paid to QuestCS. As with all businesses there are expenses associated with building and running your business.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

We are here to help in these uncertain times! The rapidly evolving Coronavirus continues to impact people and businesses around the world. However, the federal government has determined that medical billing companies are essential businesses which means there has never been a better time to get started with MBO. If you are interested in starting your own medical billing company, please call (844) 463-3245.