Virtual Mentorship: Start Your Own Healthcare Business From Scratch

Discover how a healthcare serial entrepreneur started his first 6 figure business in just 12 months and the secret that helped him expand his portfolio to include 7 companies which create millions in revenue.

Learn How To Close Your First Deal And Scale Quickly

Here's What You'll Learn...

Learn the basics of starting a healthcare company and discover the secret to how Adam did it without any insider info or previous experience.

– Defining your “Why” and what you’re looking for in a business

– Conquering the biggest obstacles you will face in your first year

– Finding the time & resources to reach rapid success

Why brand identity matters, and how to crush your competitors through cutting-edge marketing.

– Create eyeball-grabbing promos that converts like hotcakes

– Manage how clients perceive your company by building respect in the eyes of your prospects…before you speak to them

– Perfect your tagline and elevator pitch for brilliantly effective networking

Find out the industry secrets that helped Adam close his first deal and scale his business to 6 figures in the first 12 months.

– Discuss healthcare industry size and growth predictions

– Why doctors are different than normal prospects

– Tips for getting past the infamous “gate keeper”

– How to identify local healthcare providers

Adam Nager


Adam Nager

Healthcare Serial Entrepreneur

Income Potential

Enter your desired income in the box below and click the NEXT button. The calculator will then estimate how many medical providers your company would need to be billing for in order to replace your desired income based on averages provided to us by our Licensees. These numbers will vary depending on several factors: the number of claims filed, the average dollar amount of the claims, etc. Contact your Quest Consulting Services Opportunity Consultant to learn more.

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10 clients in 7 months

Generated over
$100K in 4 months

MBO Course Review

MBO vs ClaimTek

It built my confidence. It pushed me to do research and know what I am talking about. What I have taken away is basically having the confidence and the research and knowing what you are talking about before you go in front of the doctors.

Testimonials Female
Atlanta, GA

Thank you guys, so very much. We appreciate everything you do! We wouldn't be here without you guys. Your modules made all of this possible!

Ava Male
John & Rennie
Memphis, TN

You guys walked us through this, I learned a lot. In ClaimTek, I was so lost but you guys actually walked us through it.

Testimonials Female
Orlando, FL

You have been a rock to me since the beginning. You were able to guide me to here & make me so confident. I'm ready to walk out right now and start. I'm so happy to have met you.

Testimonials Female
Miami, FL

I learned that its not just the act of billing, it's a wrap around approach.

Testimonials Female
Raleigh, NC

I am very impressed with the medical billing university!

Testimonials Female
Boston, MA

I was blown away they covered every little thing, things that I wouldn't have even thought about. There are plenty of people that can do billing but what it comes down to is that relationship. I love that you do everything around that.

Testimonials Female
Irvine, CA

One thing that I appreciated was the help with determining prices. The excel sheet was very helpful!

Ava Male
New York, NY

All the stuff you do is for us to be successful.

Testimonials Female
Jersey City, NJ

I am very impressed with the website help.

Testimonials Female
Washington, D.C.

How is your business going?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our program is self-paced; the average time to completion is 4-8 weeks.

No. Our founder started without any previous medical billing experience and so can you!

We have created a free Income Potential Calculator to help you answer this question, click here for an estimate.

That’s up to you as a business owner, you can work this on the side or make it your full-time career.

Yes. We guide you in the process of getting clients while also providing the training & resources you need to be successful.

No, this business can be conducted from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone and computer available to you.

Adam Nager
Adam Nager