6-Figure Business Framework


The tools and resources to accelerate your business. Everything you need to put your medical billing business into overdrive!


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Resource 1
Collateral and Handouts

Resource 1:

Collateral & Handouts

Enjoy premade handouts that give your prospects information about the services you offer. We’ll even give you editable versions of each document so that you can apply your branding.

Resource 2
Contract Template

Resource 2:

Contract Template

Get access to Adam’s time-tested contract template that has withstood the test of time and been perfected over the last 13+ years. This contract has generated MILLIONS in revenue!

Resource 3
Human Resources

Resource 3:

Human Resources

As you grow your business, you’ll want to consider adding qualified individuals to your team. These samples will help you create listings for open positions and determine who will be the right fit.

Resource 4
Onboarding Form

Resource 4:

Onboarding Form

This is the form we recommend to use when onboarding new clients. It will gather all the necessary information required for you to conduct business efficiently. 

Resource 5
Practice Analysis Questionnaire

Resource 5:

Practice Analysis Questionnaire

You don’t have to worry about forgetting which questions to ask during your practice analysis – we’ve got you covered. Use this resource to identify key details that you will need to gather during this stage of the process.

Resource 6
Pricing Workbook

Resource 6:

Pricing Workbook

Valued at over $2499, this pricing workbook has premade formulas created by Adam to help you determine pricing and labor costs while ultimately maximize your profit margin. 

Resource 7
Proposal Template

Resource 7:

Proposal Template

Receive our proven proposal template to give to potential new clients. You can customize it as much as you’d like to fit into your specific business plan and identity.

Resource 8
Sales Script

Resource 8:

Sales Script

We’ll provide you with the sales script that Adam has used in his medical billing business to close hundred of deals with practices of all sizes and specialties nationwide.

Resource 9
Social Content

Resource 9:

Social Content

Grow your following on social media platforms to take advantage of free advertising with branded, consistent, and relevant posts like the ones we’ve created.

Resource 10

Resource 10:


Watch video tutorials to learn how to navigate through our favorite websites that accelerate and simplify the process of setting up your business.

Resource 11

Resource 11:


From checklists to workflows, check out additional materials to help jumpstart your business.

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