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Absolutely not – our comprehensive course includes training by industry certified professionals that bring over 40 years of combined experience! Ultimately you’re getting into business to own a medical billing business – if you’re getting into business to start filing insurance claims and ultimately to become a medical biller look elsewhere – our goal is to assist through the process of developing a strong, profitable business utilizing industry experts and not relying on you becoming something you’re ultimately not looking to be!

With over 850,000 medical providers and the cost of employees, healthcare benefits, and the additional billing requirements of medical providers there’s never been a time more beneficial for medical providers to explore outsourcing!

Our program is self-paced; the average time to completion is 6-12 weeks.

Remembering that you are building YOUR business, we strongly suggest that you have goals to work this full time. With that being said, you have to protect your current income to ensure you have the resources needed to grow your new Medical Billing Business and we understand that! Our team will build a tailor made program for you that will ensure your success while ensuring your personal cash-flow while you’re launching your new business. Many of our Independent Business Owners realize that just putting an hour a day into their business is enough to get it off the ground.

Once you secure a client, the amount of time spent will depend naturally on the size of the client(s) you secure. In some cases, you’ll find yourself dedicating just a few hours at most per week to a client, while other times one client could require more than a single person working full-time on it. Remember, the larger the client, the more resources that will be required, but the more resources, the greater reward!

Yes. We guide you in the process of getting clients while also providing the training & resources you need to be successful.

We have created a free Income Potential Calculator to help you answer this question, click here for an estimate.

Absolutely Not! Our most successful Independent Business Owners do not have a physical office space – they utilize virtual office locations that add a professional address and the convenience of having the opportunity to rent an office or even a conference room on short notice and only pay for it when it’s needed!

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