From Contracting and Credentialing to Payroll and Accounting Services – our experts will guide you through the process of promoting your business as a ONE-STOP-SHOP for medical practices of all sizes nationwide!

Discounted Rates and Reseller Rights On NOW Services

Discounted Rates & Reseller Rights On NOW Services

You’ll get access to discounted rates and reseller rights to all of the NOW services listed on this page which will allow you to create more revenue for your business.

Provide More Value To Your Clients

Provide More Value To Your Clients

With these additional “tools in your belt”, you’ll be able to offer more value to your clients while also providing a more consultative sales approach from Day 1.

Become An Expert In Cross Selling

Become An Expert In Cross Selling

Generate additional revenue from the clients you already have by becoming an expert in cross selling ancillary services to healthcare providers.

What other services will I have access to?

MBO CredentialNow

Credentialing and Contracting is one of the least favorite things for a physician or office manager to get tasked with. Through CredentialNow your company can ensure your doctors receive the credentials accurately and in a timely manner. Utilizing the years of experience the CredentialNow team brings to the table, your providers will need to complete one application (not dozens) and leave the work to us! The team working for you at CredentialNow will be in touch weekly to update each client’s enrollment status. Additionally, the rates you can offer your clients are some of the lowest in the industry! Getting involved in the beginning stages of your client’s business is a great way to build a long-lasting partnership! Utilize CredentialNow to focus on the work of credentialing allowing you to focus on the partnership!

MBO Compliance Now

With the support of ComplianceNow you can bring education to your providers explaining exactly what the Government is looking for during their HIPAA audit process. This education allows your company to become the expert when it comes to compliance and through ComplianceNow your company can offer a full range of HIPAA Compliance turn-key solutions and training to meet all prospective client’s needs.

MBO RecruitNow

With RecruitNOW, you will be able help your medical practices find top healthcare talent with guaranteed satisfaction. Give your providers access to a team of experts in the field of physician and nurse practitioner mid-level Recruiting Services, who have serves clients nationwide for the past 40 years. We can fill any entry to mid-level position for medical practices of all sizes and specialties! — Client not satisfied? We will find a replacement candidate at NO ADDITIONAL COST.


VRNNow gives providers the freedom of not having to sign off on notes and documenting within EMR systems. Documenting EMRs can be extremely tedious and time consuming. We can provide virtual scribes, scheduling assistants, and support representatives for half the cost of a standard in-house employee. This will allow your clients to save hundreds of thousands of dollars while improving office efficiency and reducing their time spent on administrative tasks.

MBO CollectNow

With the increase of high deductible plans, more and more patients are becoming delinquent in the payment they owe their medical providers. With CollectNow your physicians have the ability to quickly and easily send any and all outstanding balance to the CollectNow team of experts. CollectNow is a national collection agency with thousands of clients across the country, collecting millions in outstanding and past due balances monthly. With CollectNow your patients are handled with the best customer service and respect while ensuring no money is left on the table.


EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) are now a huge part of the medical world. They are digital records created by healthcare providers that hold a patients’ medical history, previous diagnosis, medications prescribed, and any other medical information that warrants recording. They are now used in a large number of healthcare clinics and hospitals, creating an enormous opportunity for independent business owners like yourself to generate revenue from SaaS EMR software.

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