The action or business of promoting and selling products or services…Where to start, where to spend, where to stop…

Networking with providers

Understanding where to spend time, how to spend time and how/where to spend marketing dollars. Most importantly, in this section we’ll discuss opportunities in your local area to network with local physicians. We’ll work with you throughout the course on understanding what to say and when to say it so that the time you spend networking enriches your marketing plan!

Cold calling best practices

We want you to understand the importance of physically going out and knocking on doors. We feel it’s a vital piece of your journey as it places in environments that require you to “think on your feet”. In our program, we’ll work with you through best practices while you go through your journey of cold calling. Through these sessions, our team of marketing experts will discuss ways that will guarantee you meetings with potential clients!

Email & drip marketing

Often called drip campaigns but known by many other names—drip marketing, automated email campaign, and marketing automation — the concept is the same: they’re a set of marketing emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. We have experience working with many of the best tools in the industry, we’ll make recommendations of solutions that will save you thousands! In addition we’ll give you best practices and even templates to get your drip marketing campaign started as soon as you’re ready to implement it!

How to market online

We’re excited to share trade secrets that’ll save you thousands of dollars and ultimately years of modifying campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t to allow you to focus your marketing dollars into a system that’ll quickly pay for itself! We’ll discuss best practices, budgeting for your on-line marketing expenses, and ways to build your brand on a budget! We’ll provide certified Google experts that’ll walk you through customizing your marketing campaign using AdWords and social media avenues.

We’ll Share All The Tools You Need To Get Started

Phone Systems & Teleconferencing Tools

HIPAA Compliant Email

CRM Tools to Manage Leads

Email Marketing & Website Tools

Accounting Software & Document Management Tools

Many more...


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